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Why Has Rachel Durie’s Face Been Photoshopped By Social Media Sites?

Rachel Durie’s Face has Been Photoshopped on Social Media Sites

Social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. However, some people have been Photoshopping pictures of Rachel Durie to make her face look different.

One example is a picture where Rachel Durie’s mouth is replaced with a bigger mou

The Reason for the Photoshop: Rachel Durie’s Case

Rachel Durie’s case has stirred up a lot of conversation online recently. People are wondering why her face has been photoshopped on social media sites.

Some believe that Rachel’s Facebook page has been photoshopped because she does not look like the woman in the photo. Others believe that people are Photoshopping her face to make her look more attractive or to ridicule her.

No one knows for sure why Rachel’s face has been Photoshopped, but it is an interesting case to explore.

Background Information About Rachel Durie

Rachel Durie is a Scottish actress who has been involved in the entertainment industry since the early 1990s. In 2006, she starred as Detective Sergeant Carol Jordan in the ITV police procedural show “Boys From The Bush”.
Since then, Durie’s face has been photoshopped online numerous times by social media users, often with sexually suggestive images.

Some of the more popular examples of photoshopped images of Rachel Durie include:
-A picture of her with two large dildo’s inserted into her vagina and anus
-A picture of her with a penis in her mouth
-A picture of her in a compromising position with another woman

The reason why Rachel Durie’s face has been photoshopped online is unknown. However, it is likely that it is a result of her starring role in “Boys From The Bush”, which is a popular TV show among teenage and adult viewers.

The Social Media Sites That Have Posted Photoshopped Images Of Rachel Durie

There has been an increase in Photoshopped images being shared on social media sites over the past year or so. It seems that some people feel the need to alter the appearance of celebrities, often with less than desirable results.

One of the most well-known victims of this trend is Rachel Durie. The Scottish actress has had her face photoshopped onto various body parts and other strange creations across social media sites for months now.

Some of these images are quite disturbing, and it’s interesting to ask why anyone would feel the need to do this to someone who is simply trying to enjoy their life. Is it because we’re all somehow fascinated by how someone can be completely transformed?

Whatever the reason, Rachel Durie’s image is far from happy and it’s frustrating that social media sites are allowing this sort of thing to continue unchecked. Hopefully, people will start to take notice and stop sharing these images before they cause any more damage.

The Allegations Against the Social Media Sites

Rachel Durie has had her face photoshopped on various social media sites. Some people are claiming that the photoshopping is done maliciously to hurt Rachel’s image, while others are saying that it’s simply a harmless prank.

The accusations against the social media sites began after a photograph of Rachel was circulated on Twitter with an altered face. The photo showed Rachel’s eyes being replaced by white circles and her mouth appearing to be stretched wide open.

Twitter user @KirkCameron claimed that he found the photo on 4chan, a website known for hosting pranks and hoaxes. He said that he believed the image was intended to make Rachel look like a zombie.

Some people believe that the photoshopping of Rachel Durie’s face is intentional and designed to damage her reputation. One online commentator said: “I think this is nasty, mean-spirited, and unprofessional.”

Others say that the photoshopping of Rachel Durie’s face is simply a prank meant to entertain people online. One commenter wrote: “This Photoshopped picture of Rachel Durie circulating online is just pure fun … I mean come on, she’s got big eyes and a big mouth – who


For the past few weeks, Rachel Durie’s face has been photoshopped on social media sites to make her look different. Many people are wondering why this is happening, and whether or not it’s legal. The short answer is that there isn’t a clear answer as to whether or not it’s legal to photoshop someone’s face without their permission. Some believe that doing so constitutes copyright infringement, while others think that since Rachel Durie hasn’t filed a lawsuit yet, she doesn’t have anything to worry about. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds in terms of this case!


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