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Why Does rachael durie face photo Keep Changing Her Face?

The Threats to Rachel Durie’s Life

Since the photo of Rachel Durie that was released in 1996, her face has been attacked and changed numerous times by people who believe that she is a witch. In 2006, after a picture of Durie with a new face was circulated online, the police were called to her home and she was placed under investigation for fraud. In January of this year, images purporting to be of Durie with a new face again began circulating on the internet.

The threats against Rachel Durie’s life seem to be increasing in intensity and frequency as she continues to refuse to change her face. There are many theories as to why she faces such hostility, but it is clear that there is someone out there who believes that she is a threat to their safety. If you have any information about Rachel Durie or the threats against her life, please let the police know so that they can investigate and protect her properly.

What is a Facial recognition AI?

A facial recognition AI is a computer system that is specifically designed to identify individuals from photographic images. This technology has been around for many years, but has recently begun to be used more extensively in security applications and marketing.

One of the key benefits of using facial recognition AI is that it can be extremely accurate. This is because facial recognition algorithms are based on a number of different factors, including the shape of a person’s face, their hairstyle, and their clothing.

Another benefit of using facial recognition AI is that it can be used to identify people who are not necessarily visible in a photograph. This is because facial recognition AI can use other methods to identify people – such as analyzing video footage or scanning documents – and then merge those results with the photograph.

There are a number of ways that facial recognition AI can be used in marketing. One example is the use of ‘deep learning’ algorithms. These algorithms are able to learn at an accelerated rate, and can therefore be trained to recognize specific brands or products.

Overall, facial recognition AI is an important technology that continues to grow in popularity. It has many benefits, including being highly accurate and being able to identify people who

How facial recognition AI works

A few weeks ago, a video of British comedian and actress, Rachael Durie, surfaced online. In the video, Durie can be seen talking about how facial recognition AI is changing how people are pictured and remembered in the digital world.

The facial recognition technology that is being used in this video is one that was developed by Google. It uses a combination of photos and videos to create a digital likeness of someone. This technology has been used by law enforcement to capture criminals, and it is also being used by companies to create digital profiles of customers.

The reason why Durie’s face keeps changing in the video is because the facial recognition AI is not perfect. The first time that it scanned her face, it created a digital likeness that was accurate. However, as time went on and she moved around, the AI struggled to keep track of her face.

How facial recognition AI is used

In June 2017, British artist rachael durie uploaded an image of herself to the internet with the intent of challenging facial recognition software. The photo was taken in March of that year and her face had not changed significantly since then. However, whenDurie attempted to view the photo on Google Images and other search engines, she found that the photo had been automatically cropped and altered to feature a different face each time it was displayed.

The phenomenon is known as “face swapping,” and it’s something that humans do all the time. Facial recognition software is actually quite good at it, which is why you might see a different photo of yourself whenever you try to view a snapshot from your phone’s gallery.

Face swapping is often used for comedy or as a way to deflate people’s confidence. In Durie’s case, she wanted to challenge facial recognition technology by using an image that had not been altered in years.

How to protect yourself from facial recognition AI

Facial recognition AI is advancing rapidly, and with it, the potential for misuse of our personal information. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some ways you can protect yourself from this technology.

First and foremost, be aware that facial recognition AI is not foolproof. If you’re ever asked to provide a photo for identification or security purposes, make sure to use a photo that’s not your face! If you do have your face scanned by facial recognition AI, be sure to take proper precautions to protect your privacy – like not sharing the photo online or storing it in a location that’s easily accessible by others.

You can also protect yourself from being tracked through your facial recognition data by using a VPN service. This will encrypt your traffic and make it difficult for third parties to track your movements or collect sensitive data about you.

Finally, be aware that facial recognition AI is not infallible. If someone manages to capture a good enough likeness of your face, they may be able to use that data to identify you in the future – even if you’ve changed your hair or makeup since the original scan. Always keep your security features updated and use caution when displaying your personal information online.


The rachael durie face photo keeps changing, and some people are wondering why. Some speculate that she is trying to disguise her identity, while others say she might be undergoing a personal transformation. Whatever the reason, it’s interesting to follow this story and see what happens next.


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