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Why Athletes Smoke Weed

Why Athletes Smoke Weed

Many athletes, both professional and amateur, use marijuana as a form of relaxation or pain relief. According to a study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, nearly half of all high school seniors have tried marijuana, and about one-third of them have used it in the past year.

What Causes Athletes to Smoke Weed?

Smoking marijuana has been found to improve performance in athletes. When athletes smoke weed, they are able to relax and clear their minds, leading to a better focus on the task at hand. The increased focus allows them to work harder and perform at their best. Additionally, smoking marijuana has been shown to increase appetite and reduce anxiety.

How Does Using Cannabis on a Regular Basis Impacts Athletic Performance?

Cannabis has been used by athletes for centuries to aid in performance. Some believe that cannabis can help improve focus and concentration, while others believe that it can improve overall energy levels. There is still much debate surrounding the effects of cannabis on athletic performance, but the evidence seems to suggest that it can have a positive impact.


Athletes have been known to use a variety of substances in order to perform at their best. Some athletes swear by caffeine, others by nicotine. But what about marijuana? Marijuana is now being used more and more frequently by athletes as a way to improve performance and recovery time. There are many reasons why athletes are turning to weed, but the most common reason is that it helps them relax and focus in order to give their best performance on the field or court.


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