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Pathway UMKC Reports “Student Success” and New In-College Programs

Pathway UMKC Reports “Student Success” and New In-College Programs

Pathway UMKC is a private university system in Kansas City, Missouri. The school has recently released some impressive statistics on the success of their current students. In addition, they’ve also announced a number of new in-college programs that are sure to benefit students!

Pathway UMKC’s recent success can be attributed to a range of factors, including the hard work and dedication of their students. With so many options available to them, it’s important that students find the right program and university that fits their needs – which is where Pathway UMKC comes in. Their flexible admissions process means that no student is left behind.

Pathway UMKC Reports Student Success

Pathway UMKC Reports: Student Success

The Pathway University of Missouri-Kansas City is proud to announce the launch of their new in-college program, Pathway UMKC. This new in-college program provides students with the opportunity to complete an accredited degree while also working full-time.

Pathway UMKC reports that 96% of their students who have completed the program have found a full-time job or continued their education. The program offers several different options for students to choose from, including online programs and traditional classroom courses.

On behalf of the Pathway University of Missouri-Kansas City team, we congratulate all our students who have successfully completed the Pathway UMKC in-college program!

In-College Programs

Pathway UMKC Reports “Student Success” and New In-College Programs
Pathway University (UMKC) released the latest edition of its “Student Success” report this month, highlighting the successes of its students over the past year. The report provides a snapshot of the academic progress and outcomes of all UMKC students, including freshmen, transfer students, and continuing students. The report also highlights new in-college programs offered at UMKC this year.

The “Student Success” report is an important resource for students, their families, and advisors. It provides a comprehensive view of student success at UMKC by measuring four key dimensions: academic progress (measured by cumulative GPA), retention (the percentage of first-time freshmen who remain at UMKC for at least one year), graduation rates (the percentage of students who graduate within five years of entering college), and degrees earned (the percentage of undergraduates who earn a degree within six years).

In addition to the “Student Success” report, UMKC also released a new in-college program guide this month. The program guide offers information about more than 60 different in-college programs available at UMKC this year,

Pathway UMKC Fraternity and Sorority Life

Pathway UMKC Reports “Student Success” and New In-College Programs

We are excited to announce our newest in-college programs, Fraternity and Sorority Life! This semester, we have partnered with two organizations, Phi Delta Theta and Tau Kappa Epsilon. These clubs offer students a variety of opportunities that can help them become more involved on campus and improve their overall experience.

Fraternity and Sorority Life is an important part of the college experience. Not only do these organizations provide a sense of community, but they can also help students learn leadership skills and how to work together toward a common goal. Our hope is that this program will be a great opportunity for students who want to get involved on campus and make some great connections.

If you are interested in learning more about these programs or joining one this semester, please don’t hesitate to contact us at pathwayumkc@gmail.com!

Pathway UMKC Athletics

Pathway UMKC Athletics continues to boast success both on and off the field. In 2017, the athletics program boasted a record of 18-5, including a trip to the NAIA National Championship game. This year has been no different as the program has continued to rack up victories. Most recently, they won their first-ever Missouri Valley Conference championship by defeating Lindenwood University in the final game of the season.

In addition to their athletic successes, Pathway UMKC has also launched several new in-college programs this year, including a student-run business incubation center and a fellowship program for veterans. These initiatives are designed to help students gain experience and skills that will be valuable in their future careers.

Pathway UMKC is doing its part to help its students succeed both academically and athletically, and these initiatives are indicative of the school’s commitment to helping its students reach their goals.

Pathway UMKC Alumni Association

Pathway UMKC Alumni Association is excited to announce its newest in-college program, Student Success. This program provides students with access to resources and support to help them succeed in their academic endeavors.

Pathway UMKC’s Student Success program offers a variety of resources and support options to help students achieve their academic goals. These include one-on-one counseling, group workshops, student success mentors, and more. The goal of the Student Success program is to provide students with the tools they need to become successful students and future leaders.

Student Success is open to all current and former Pathway UMKC students. To learn more about this new in-college program, or to sign up for a free trial session, visit www.umkcalaumni.org/success.


Pathway University has released its latest “Student Success” report, which details the successes of students who have enrolled in Pathway’s online and on-campus programs this year. The report highlights the strong academic performance of students who have enrolled in Pathway’s online courses, as well as the many new in-college programs that have been launched by Pathway over the past few months. Thanks to these new programs, Pathway is now able to offer more opportunities for students to succeed both academically and professionally.


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