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Miami University Academic Calendar

Miami University Academic Calendar

Miami University is one of the largest universities in the United States, with over 33,000 students enrolled. The Academic Calendar provides an overview of all the courses and exams that are scheduled for the upcoming semester. This guide will help you stay organized and make sure you don’t miss any important deadlines.

Semester Start and End Dates

Miami University’s academic calendar has both semester start and end dates. The calendar reflects Miami’s fall and spring semesters, which are 12 weeks long. Semester start dates are typically the first day of classes in September or January, while semester end dates are typically the last day of classes in May or October.

The Academic Calendar is a helpful tool for students to plan their coursework and exams. It includes important dates such as registration deadlines, final examinations, and orientation events. Students are also encouraged to check the website for online resources that may be available during specific times of the year. For example, during exam season there may be study materials available on Miami’s Blackboard Learning System.

Keep a copy of your Miami University Academic Calendar handy so you can always stay on top of your schedule!

Academic Calendar for Full-Time Students

Miami University’s Academic Calendar outlines important dates and deadlines for students who are enrolled in full-time courses. This calendar is a helpful guide for staying on track with your degree and ensuring that you have all the necessary paperwork completed in time. The Academic Calendar also includes information about degree requirements, class registration, and important campus events.

The Academic Calendar is updated annually and can be found online at www.muohio.edu/academics/calendar/. Students are encouraged to check the calendar regularly to ensure that they are aware of any changes that may occur.

Below are several key dates to keep in mind as you plan your semester:

First day of classes: September 1st
Last day to add or change classes: December 15th
Late fees: $25 per course per term
Registrar’s Office closes at 5 p.m.: every Thursday except during finals week (when it closes at 4 p.m.)

Academic Calendar for Part-Time Students

Miami University offers a variety of part-time and evening courses that provide students with the opportunity to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees while still holding down a full-time job. The academic calendar offers timely information on all of Miami University’s part-time offerings, including degree requirements, course descriptions, registration information, and deadlines.

The Miami University Academic Calendar includes the following sections:
-Degree Programs
-Part Time Courses
-Evening Courses
-Registration Information

Deadlines and Exceptions

The Miami University Academic Calendar is a document that lists deadlines and exceptions for courses, exams, and other university-related activities. The calendar is updated regularly, so be sure to check it before starting any of your academic tasks.

Here are some important dates to keep in mind:

First day of classes: September 1st
Last day to withdraw with no grade: April 30th
Last day to add/drop courses with no penalty: October 15th
Late registration begins: November 1st

Exam period (midterm and final): December 11-15th
Christmas break: December 21st-January 6th

Summer Sessions

Miami University is celebrating summer sessions with lots of fun! This year, we have a great schedule of events that you don’t want to miss.

Our first event is our summer film series, which will be held in the Amphitheater on the Miami University campus. This series will feature classic and current films that will entertain and enrich your summer semester.

Next up on the calendar is our second annual Tall Ships Regatta. This event will take place on the Miami University campus on Saturday, August 12th. The regatta will include tall ships from all over the world, and it is sure to be a fun day for everyone who attends.

Last but not least, we have our annual Miami Jazz Festival. This festival will take place on the Miami University campus on Friday, September 8th through Sunday, September 10th. This year’s lineup features some of today’s most popular jazz artists, so don’t miss it!

Fall Sessions

Miami University begins its fall sessions on Monday, Aug. 22. The fall semester runs from Monday, Aug. 22, through Friday, Dec. 14.\
The following is a list of the major events and activities scheduled for the fall semester:

*First day of classes is Monday, Aug. 22 *Midterm examinations are Thursday, Dec. 12 *Christmas break is from Dec. 15-Jan. 3 *New Year’s break is from Jan. 4-8

For a full calendar of events, visit www.miamioh.edu/calendar/.

Winter Sessions

Miami University offers winter sessions for students to earn college credit while continuing their regular academic schedule. Winter sessions offer a variety of courses, from traditional classes to seminars and workshops. Check the Miami University website for a full list of winter session offerings and deadlines.

Traditional classes are offered in such areas as business, chemistry, journalism, psychology, and sociology. Some winter session courses are designed for students who want to earn college credit but do not have the time to take a full course load. These courses are usually offered in night or weekend formats.

One popular winter session course is called “Creative Writing”. This course provides students with the opportunity to write poetry, short stories, or essays. The deadline for enrolling in this class is January 21st.

Another popular winter session course is called “Introduction to Psychology”. This course is designed for students who want to gain an understanding of psychological concepts and how they relate to everyday life. The deadline for enrolling in this class is January 28th.

Spring Sessions

Miami University’s Spring Sessions kick off this week with a packed schedule of classes. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved on campus, from studying in the library to exploring the new cultural center. Check out our calendar for full details!


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