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Howdy Portal Disables Google Analytics By Default

Howdy Portal Disables Google Analytics By Default

Hello, Welcome to Howdy Portal website. In this article, we will discuss how we disabled Google Analytics by default on our website.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps websites and webmasters understand the traffic they are receiving and how it is changing over time. However, some websites may not want Google to track their traffic data – this could be because they are doing something illegal or they do not want their visitors to be able to personalize their online experience by seeingwhich pages are being visited most often.
The good news is that disabling Google Analytics on your website is easy to do. All you need to do is follow these steps:

1. Log into your Google Analytics account
2. Click on the Admin tab
3. Under the Data Collection heading, click on the toggle next to “Default Behavior” to disable Google Analytics (this will stop tracking traffic)
4. Click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page

Howdy Portal Disables Google Analytics by Default

Howdy Portal Disables Google Analytics By Default

Google Analytics is a popular web analytics tool that many website owners use to track the performance and traffic of their websites. However, Howdy Portal disables the default setting for Google Analytics on all new blog posts and pages created. This means that Howdy Portal does not track any traffic or performance data from blog posts and pages created using the Howdy Portal platform.

This decision was made due to privacy concerns surrounding the way Google collects data about website visitors. Howdy Portal believes that it is better to not track visitor information at all than to collect data in a way that could be used by Google in a way that is harmful or invasive. While this decision may be unpopular with some website owners, it is one that was made with the safety and privacy of website visitors in mind.

Howdy Portal Offers Its Own Analytics Solution

Howdy Portal, a new and innovative portal platform, offers its own analytics solution that is different from Google Analytics. By default, Howdy Portal disables Google Analytics on all pages. This gives users the ability to track their website traffic and conversions in a more direct way. Additionally, Howdy Portal offers detailed reporting that lets you see how visitors interact with your content and whether or not they are converting.

Howdy Portal Plans to Tackle False Advertising and Spam

Howdy Portal plans to tackle false advertising and spam by disabling Google Analytics by default. The company states that this will help them “better understand how people are using the portal and improve the overall experience.”


Hey there, readers!

It seems that as of late, Hello Portal (the company behind Hey there, readers!It seems that as of late, Hello Portal (the company behind Howdy ) has been disabling Google Analytics by default on all new accounts. This is a rather concerning move from the company and one that we feel needs to be addressed. If you’re using Howdy and have active Google Analytics tracking enabled, please take a moment to disable it before logging in so your data won’t be collected in violation of the terms of service.


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